Press C to change camera

Use arrow keys and space to walk around

Right Clk to hear the story

Tale of 9 cities

My world is consist of nine recursive cities. The residents if this world collect all thrashes from outside world and bring it to this world. Sort, recycle and re-use them. The smallest unit of this world starts from the inner courtyard of a house. then the outside courtyard then the farms next to, then each 4 houses crate a community structure and etc. The city is elevated and sites on network of air and water channels ( where you see ppl jumping in) - For my final I just made the inner courtyard, the farm , the sorting courtyard, and the water/ air channel. This City is a junkyard, floating in the world of bits and data that might be save in a strain of a DNA.

The idea of this project came from "Poetic Misprision"- a term coined by the great literary critic, Harold Bloom, as an exploration for the creation of masterworks-. The claim is that all the great masterworks build upon previous masterworks.An intimate knowledge for the discipline's history is a prerequisite for producing significant new work.

The term is interesting one though, as it literally means a playful, creative, and most importantly,deliberate misinterpretation of previous master work. In many ways, this a radical altitude towards the canon. It denies slavish admiration and reproduction. Rather, the imperative is to break away when the third has achieved an intimate understanding of the original. Bloom in Anxiety of influence explains his six revisionary ratios:Clinamen, Tessera, Kenosis,Daemonization, Askesis and Apophrades( (Bloom, 1997)

I am particularly interested in the definition of Clinamen.Clinamen is a poetic misprision that the poet takes an original piece and unintentionally misread it. Herethe poet modifies what needs to be changed for the final finishing and the result which is his new poem. I am interested to use this methodology to explore the concept of nature with/without the artificial.


Obviously this is very unfinished project but seems functionally working. It was interesting in a way that what interactions I really want to show and if they are possible in the frame work of this class. I had a difficult time to adjust the pattern for the walking people.( walking straight and make a left or right)- Also I had to put an invisible collider so when they hit they change their walking direction. Also I wanted them to jump inside the water which partially worked. I have a FPC and you can walk around as well.

I really like to finish this project some day.