The initial concept was taken from 2 works of Man Ray the surrealist artist. One is indestructible object( they eye on metronome) that summons feelings of irritation over being watched and powerlessness in the face of endless time. There is no means to stop the cycle, except to destroy the object itself.

The lips in the sky and the feeling of the landscape is taken from Man Ray other work called observatory time , the lovers. showing his devastating break up with Lee Miller. The lips relied on a reference central to surrealist philosophy the devouring woman.

The whole feeling if this reconstruction suppose to be fear of unknown , being watched and wiredness.

Technical aspects:

For the sky I used sky box ignorer to have a cohesive sky without the stick lines. So I imported 6 different views of the sky inside the cube.

I had the most difficulty for the moment of the metronome handles. the X axis works correctly but the Y and Z axis seems are around some cone shape.

Interactive part:

by pressing Enter you can switch between 2 cameras( initially I want dot have 3 cameras and I could not figure that out.

Also instead of pressing enter I wanted to have 3 different buttons for each camera but the scale of buttons were huge so that failed.

By clicking right and left mouse button you can hear different tracks telling your today and future fortune. I wanted to have an array having more number of tracks to play that also failed.

For the lips texture I used skin texture and added red to it.

Made withUnity

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